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Memories: Just a phase

29.06.2018 | Caroline Ash; Jesse Smith; Stella M. Hurtley, Science , 2018

Cell Biology Recently, several proteins have been shown to phase-separate into liquid droplets within the cell. Dine et al. found that such protein droplets exhibit a robust form of spatial memory. The droplets maintained the spatial pattern of an inhibitor of droplet formation long after the


Pacific Coast innovation relies on diverse cast of scientists

29.06.2018 | Becky Ham, Science , 2018

West Coast scientists tap partnerships for latest inventions from entertainment to aerospace


Sex reversal following deletion of a single distal enhancer of Sox9

29.06.2018 | Nitzan Gonen; Chris R. Futtner; Sophie Wood; S. Alexandra Garcia-Moreno; Isabella M. Salamone; Shiela C. Samson; Ryo ..., Science , 2018

Cell fate decisions require appropriate regulation of key genes. Sox9, a direct target of SRY, is pivotal in mammalian sex determination. In vivo high-throughput chromatin accessibility techniques, transgenic assays, and genome editing revealed several novel gonadal regulatory elements in the ...


Ancient steppes for human equestrians

29.06.2018 | Caroline Ash; Laura M. Zahn, Science , 2018

Paleogenomics The Eurasian steppes reach from the Ukraine in Europe to Mongolia and China. Over the past 5000 years, these flat grasslands were thought to be the route for the ebb and flow of migrant humans, their horses, and their languages. de Barros Damgaard et al. probed whole-genome sequences


Enhanced photovoltage for inverted planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells

29.06.2018 | Deying Luo; Wenqiang Yang; Zhiping Wang; Aditya Sadhanala; Qin Hu; Rui Su; Ravichandran Shivanna; Gustavo F. Trindad ..., Science , 2018

The highest power conversion efficiencies (PCEs) reported for perovskite solar cells (PSCs) with inverted planar structures are still inferior to those of PSCs with regular structures, mainly because of lower open-circuit voltages (Voc). Here we report a strategy to reduce nonradiative ...


A CURE for undergraduate research

29.06.2018 | Caroline Ash; Jesse Smith; Melissa McCartney, Science , 2018

Education Course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs) are designed to engage an entire class in a research question within the context of the course itself. Current research suggests that five distinct core components come together to define a CURE. Ballen et al. used a backward-


Human influence on orangutans

29.06.2018 | Caroline Ash; Philippa J. Benson, Science , 2018

Evolutionary Biology The numbers of orangutans and their geographic distribution declined dramatically after the late Pleistocene. Experts have proposed climate change and human activities as possible causes. Synthesizing available archaeological, genetic, and behavioral data, Spehar et al.


Learning from past climatic changes

29.06.2018 | Christophe Lécuyer, Science , 2018

Over the course of the past 540 million years, five catastrophic mass extinction events occurred as a result of global climate changes. Those periods of large-magnitude warming or cooling resulted from catastrophic events such as asteroid impacts, paroxysmal volcanic activity, or peculiar ...


Tipping the vibrational spectrum

29.06.2018 | Caroline Ash; Jesse Smith; Phil Szuromi, Science , 2018

Surface Science Scanning tunneling microscopy can be used to measure the vibrational spectrum of adsorbed molecules as loss features in the inelastic tunneling of electrons. Okabayashi et al. explored perturbations caused by the close proximity of the microscope tip to the adsorbed molecule—in


Notch ligand Dll1 mediates cross-talk between mammary stem cells and the macrophageal niche

29.06.2018 | Rumela Chakrabarti; Toni Celià-Terrassa; Sushil Kumar; Xiang Hang; Yong Wei; Abrar Choudhury; Julie Hwang; Jia Peng; ..., Science , 2018

The stem cell niche is a specialized environment that dictates stem cell function during development and homeostasis. We show that Dll1, a Notch pathway ligand, is enriched in mammary gland stem cells (MaSCs) and mediates critical interactions with stromal macrophages in the surrounding niche in ...


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