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Paraptosis‐Inducing Nanomedicine Overcomes Cancer Drug Resistance for a Potent Cancer Therapy

19.01.2018 | Yongcun Zhou, Feiteng Huang, Ying Yang, Pingli Wang, Zhen Zhang, Yining Tang, Youqing Shen, Kai Wang, Small, 2018

Abstract Most chemotherapeutic drugs and their nanomedicine formulations exert anticancer activity by inducing cancer cell apoptosis. However, cancer cells inherently have and acquire many antiapoptosis mechanisms, causing cancer drug resistance and poor prognoses in patients. Herein, a potent ...


Solution Processable 1D Fullerene C60 Crystals for Visible Spectrum Photodetectors

19.01.2018 | Rinku Saran, Richard J. Curry, Small, 2018

Abstract Visible spectrum photodetector devices fabricated using molecular crystals of carbon C60 are reported. The devices operate efficiently, extending over and beyond the full visible light spectrum (300–710 nm) with a bias voltage tunable responsivity of 4 mA–0.5 mA W−1. Across this range ...


Holey Films: Freestanding NiFe Oxyfluoride Holey Film with Ultrahigh Volumetric Capacitance for Flexible Asymmetric Supercapacitors (Small 3/2018)

18.01.2018 | Kun Liang, Kyle Marcus, Zhenzhong Yang, Le Zhou, Hao Pan, Yuanli Bai, Yingge Du, Mark H. Engelhard, Yang Yang, Small, 2018

In article 1702295, Yang Yang and co‐workers fabricate a freestanding NiFe oxyfluoride holey film using a facile and scalable electrochemical route. The residual metal filaments inside the oxyfluoride make these freestanding electrodes mechanically robust, flexible and highly conductive, which ...


Graphene: Low‐Temperature and Rapid Growth of Large Single‐Crystalline Graphene with Ethane (Small 3/2018)

18.01.2018 | Xiao Sun, Li Lin, Luzhao Sun, Jincan Zhang, Dingran Rui, Jiayu Li, Mingzhan Wang, Congwei Tan, Ning Kang, Di Wei, H. ..., Small, 2018

In article 1702916, Hailin Peng, Zhongfan Liu, and co‐workers demonstrate low‐temperature, rapid growth of graphene using ethane as a carbon feedstock. The authors achieve both a higher growth rate and larger domain size in comparison to the methane method. This study brings new insights into ...


Supramolecular Polymers: Tunable Energy Landscapes to Control Pathway Complexity in Self‐Assembled N‐Heterotriangulenes: Living and Seeded Supramolecular Polymerization (Small 3/2018)

18.01.2018 | Jorge S. Valera, Rafael Gómez, Luis Sánchez, Small, 2018

In article 1702437, Luis Sánchez and co‐workers describe the synthesis and self‐assembly of N‐heterotriangulenes 1–3 with a tunable energy landscape. Seeded and living supramolecular polymerizations are realized through the autocatalytic transformation of the metastable monomeric units, as well ...


Carbon Dioxide Promotes Dehydrogenation in the Equimolar C2H2‐CO2 Reaction to Synthesize Carbon Nanotubes

16.01.2018 | Wenbo Shi, Yue Peng, Stephen A. Steiner, Junhua Li, Desiree L. Plata, Small, 2018

Abstract The equimolar C2H2‐CO2 reaction has shown promise for carbon nanotube (CNT) production at low temperatures and on diverse functional substrate materials; however, the electron‐pushing mechanism of this reaction is not well demonstrated. Here, the role of CO2 is explored experimentally ...


Microfluidic Templated Multicompartment Microgels for 3D Encapsulation and Pairing of Single Cells

15.01.2018 | Liyuan Zhang, Kaiwen Chen, Haoyue Zhang, Bo Pang, Chang‐Hyung Choi, Angelo S. Mao, Hongbing Liao, Stefanie Utech, Da ..., Small, 2018

Abstract Controlled encapsulation and pairing of single cells within a confined 3D matrix can enable the replication of the highly ordered cellular structure of human tissues. Microgels with independently controlled compartments that can encapsulate cells within separately confined hydrogel ...


Nanocrystal–Polymer Particles: Extended Delivery Carriers for Osteoarthritis Treatment

12.01.2018 | Pierre Maudens, Christian Alexander Seemayer, Cédric Thauvin, Cem Gabay, Olivier Jordan, Eric Allémann, Small, 2018

Abstract An efficient treatment for osteoarthritis (OA) can benefit from the local release of a high therapeutic dose over an extended period of time. Such a treatment will minimize systemic side effects and avoid the inconvenience of frequent injections. To this aim, nanocrystal–polymer ...


Fluorescent Diarylethene Photoswitches—A Universal Tool for Super‐Resolution Microscopy in Nanostructured Materials

11.01.2018 | Oleksii Nevskyi, Dmytro Sysoiev, Jes Dreier, Simon Christoph Stein, Alex Oppermann, Florian Lemken, Tobias Janke, Jö ..., Small, 2018

Abstract Super‐resolution fluorescence microscopy allows for unprecedented in situ visualization of biological structures, but its application to materials science has so far been comparatively limited. One of the main reasons is the lack of powerful dyes that allow for labeling and ...


A Transformable Chimeric Peptide for Cell Encapsulation to Overcome Multidrug Resistance

11.01.2018 | Chi Zhang, Li‐Han Liu, Wen‐Xiu Qiu, Yao‐Hui Zhang, Wen Song, Lu Zhang, Shi‐Bo Wang, Xian‐Zheng Zhang, Small, 2018

Abstract Multidrug resistance (MDR) remains one of the biggest obstacles in chemotherapy of tumor mainly due to P‐glycoprotein (P‐gp)‐mediated drug efflux. Here, a transformable chimeric peptide is designed to target and self‐assemble on cell membrane for encapsulating cells and overcoming ...


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