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Group 2 Metal Bis(arenecarbochalcogenoate)(Crown Ether) Complexes: Isolation and Structural Analysis

03.07.2018 | Yoshiharu Tatematsu; shinzi kato; Norio Nakata; Masahiro Ebihara; Osamu Niyomura; Koh Sugamata; Mariko Yukimoto; Mao ..., Dalton Transactions, 2018

A series of Group 2 metal bis(arenecarbochalcogenoato)(crown ether) complexes M(EE’CAr)2(L)(L’)x (M = Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba; Ar = aryl; E = S, Se; E’ = O, S; L = H2O or THF; L’ = 15-crown-5, 18-crown-6) were synthesized and their structures were revealed by X-ray analyses. The two carbothioato ligands ...


Evaluation of an improved closed-vessel conductively heated digestion system for the analysis of raw meat samples by ICP techniques

03.07.2018 | Alan Lima Vieira; Kelber Miranda; Alex Virgílio; Edilene Cristina Ferreira; J.A. Gomes Neto, Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 2018

In this work, an improved conductively-heated digestion system (CHDS) with closed-vessels, which provides simpler, easier and safer digestions of raw chicken, beef and pork meat samples aiming for Ca, Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P, S, and Zn determinations by ICP OES and As, Cd, Cr, Mo, Pb and Se by ...


Distance–based Paper Sensor for Determination of Chloride ion Using Silver Nanoparticles

03.07.2018 | Kamonchanok Phoonsawat; Nalin Ratnarathorn; Charles Henry; Wijitar Dungchai, Analyst, 2018

We report the first development of a distance-based paper sensor for a simple, inexpensive, instrument-free, and portable determination of chloride ions. Our analysis reaction is based on the oxidative etching of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) to form AgCl in the presence of Cl⁻ and H2O2. The H2O2 ...


Chemical separation and MC-ICPMS analysis of U, Th, Pa and Ra isotope ratios of carbonates

03.07.2018 | Johanna Christina Obert; Denis Scholz; Jörg Lippold; Thomas Felis; Klaus Peter Jochum; Meinrat O. Andreae, Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 2018

Diagenetic alteration of fossil reef corals may have severe effects on the reliability of 230Th/U-ages. The widely applied criteria introduced to test for the reliability of coral 230Th/U-ages are often not sufficient to identify all altered ages. The combination of 230Th/U- with 231Pa/U-dating ...


Investigation on photoluminescence properties, Judd-Ofelt analysis, luminescence nanothermometry and optical heating behaviour of Er3+/Eu3+/Yb3+: NaZnPO4 nanophosphors

03.07.2018 | Lakshmi Mukhopadhyay; Vineet Rai, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

Er3+/Eu3+/Yb3+: NaZnPO4 nanophosphors synthesized by co-precipitation technique have been structurally and optically characterized. The effect of Eu3+ ion concentration on photoluminescence (PL) emission intensity and the energy transfer mechanisms implicated in the present nanophosphors has been ...


A fluorometric skin-interfaced microfluidic device and smartphone imaging module for in situ quantitative analysis of sweat chemistry

03.07.2018 | Yurina Sekine; Sung Bong Kim; Yi Zhang; Amay J. Bandodkar; Shuai Xu; Jungil Choi; Masahiro Irie; Tyler R. Ray; Punit ..., Lab on a Chip, 2018

The rich composition of solutes and metabolites in sweat and its relative ease of collection upon excretion from skin pores make this class of biofluid an attractive candidate for point of care analysis. Wearable technologies that combine electrochemical sensors with conventional or emerging ...


Mono BN-Substituted Analogues of Naphthalene: A Theoretical Analysis of the Effect of BN Position on Stability, Aromaticity and Frontier Orbital Energies

03.07.2018 | Milovan Stojanović; Marija Baranac-Stojanović, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

All isomeric BN isosters of naphthalene have been studied theoretically, at the B3LYP/6-311+G(d,p) level, in order to investigate the effect of BN position in a molecule on relative stability, aromaticity and frontier orbital energies. The results show that orientational isomers of m,n/n,m type ...


Phosphorescence emission and fine structures observed respectively under ambient conditions and at ca. 55 K in a coordination polymer of lead(II)-thiophenedicarboxylate

03.07.2018 | Jin-Yu He; Zheng-Rong Deng; Xiao Liu; Yin Qian; Yang Zou; Xiao-Ming Ren, Dalton Transactions, 2018

Under solvothermal conditions, a robust Pb2+-based coordination polymer (CP), [Pb(TDC)]n (1), where H2TDC is thiophenedicarboxylic acid, has been achieved. Structural analysis reveals that 1 crystallizes in the monoclinic space group C2/c, where the Pb2+ ions show quadrangular prism coordination ...


Synthesis of efficient Co and N co-doped carbon catalysts with high surface areas for selective oxidation of ethylbenzene

03.07.2018 | Yuan Li; Shanshan Jie; Kun Li; Zhigang Liu, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

In this manuscript, Co and N co-doped carbon catalysts with high surface areas were prepared via the pyrolysis of cobalt nitrate and 1,10-phenanthroline monohydrate, using Mg(OH)2 as a pore former, followed by acid etching. Techniques such as BET analysis, TEM, HRTEM, XPS, and Raman and XRD ...


Energies, Vol. 11, Pages 1708: A Simplified Calculation Method for Building Envelope Cooling Loads in Central South China

01.07.2018 | Wang, Ping ; Gong, Guangcai ; Zhou, Yan ; Qin, Bin, Energies, 2018

Energies, Vol. 11, Pages 1708: A Simplified Calculation Method for Building Envelope Cooling Loads in Central South China Energies doi: 10.3390/en11071708 Authors: Ping Wang Guangcai Gong Yan Zhou Bin Qin The cooling load calculation of building envelopes is important for ...


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