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Versatile coordination of acetazolamide to ruthenium(II) p-cymene complexes and preliminary cytotoxicity studies

03.07.2018 | Lorenzo Biancalana; Lucinda K. Batchelor; Gianluca Ciancaleoni; Stefano Zacchini; Guido Pampaloni; Paul J. Dyson; Fa ..., Dalton Transactions, 2018

The carbonic anhydrase inhibitor acetazolamide (AcmH2) reacted with [(η6-p-cymene)RuCl(μ-Cl)]2 to afford [(η6-p-cymene)RuCl2(κN-AcmH2)], 1A, in near-quantitative yield. In methanol, 1A exists in equilibrium with 1B, being probably a coordination isomer, as established by VT 1H-EXSY NMR ...


Synthesis, Structure, Photophysical and Electrochemical Properties of Ru(II) Complexes of Arylene-Vinylene Terpyridyl Conjugates

03.07.2018 | Amit Sil; Sabyasachi Roy Chowdhury; Sabyashachi Mishra; Sanjib K Patra, Dalton Transactions, 2018

A series of arylene-vinylene π-conjugated terpyridyl ruthenium(II) complexes, [Ru(PPh3)2Cl(tpy-C6H4-CH=CH-Ar)][PF6] (1-4; tpy = 2,2':6',2''-terpyridyl where Ar = phenyl, tolyl, 1-naphthyl and 9-anthracenyl as substituents on 4′ position of tpy) have been synthesized and characterized by ...


Preparation and reactivity of half-sandwich dioxygen complexes of ruthenium

03.07.2018 | Gabriele Albertin; Stefano Antoniutti; Marco Bortoluzzi; Jesús Castro; Valentina Ferraro, Dalton Transactions, 2018

Dioxygen complexes [Ru(η5-C5Me5)(η2-O2){P(OEt)3}2]BPh4 (1) and [Ru(η5-C5Me5)(η2-O2)(PPh3){P(OR)3}]BPh4 (2, 3) [R = Me (2), Et (3)] were prepared by allowing chloro-complexes RuCl(η5-C5Me5)[P(OEt)3]2 and RuCl(η5-C5Me5)(PPh3)[P(OR)3] to react with air (1 atm) in the presence of NaBPh4. Substitution ...


Reaction of carbonyl trinuclear clusters with 2,5-bis(2-thienyl)-1-phenyl-phosphole as a ligand: a new pathway to ruthenacyclopentadiene and cyclopentadienone ruthenium complexes

03.07.2018 | Yomaira Otero; Deisy Peña; Christophe Lescop; Edward Ávila; Alejandro Arce; Muriel Hissler; Regis Réa ..., New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

[Ru3(CO)12] reacts with 2,5-bis(2-thienyl)-1-phenyl-phosphole (btpp) in refluxing CH2Cl2 to afford mono-, di- and trisubstituted derivatives: [Ru3(CO)11(btpp)] (1), [Ru3(CO)10(btpp)2] (2) and [Ru3(CO)9(btpp)3] (3), as well as the unique ruthenacyclopentadiene compound ...


A ruthenium-platinum metal complex that binds to Sarcin Ricin Loop RNA and lowers mRNA expression

26.06.2018 | Swapan Satyen Jain; Craig Anderson; Iden Sapse; Silvie Hannah Lundgren; Abigail Kathryn Freer; Hang Hoang; Kyan Jain ..., Chemical Communication, 2018

IT127 is a dinuclear transition metal complex that contains a Pt(II) and a Ru(III) metal center. We have shown that IT127 is significantly more effective in binding the 29-base Sarcin Ricin Loop (SRL) RNA in comparison to Cisplatin, a hallmark anticancer agent. Binding site analysis shows that ...


Tris(2,2′-bipyridyl)ruthenium(II) electrogenerated chemiluminescence ethanol biosensor based on ionic liquid doped titania-Nafion composite film

24.06.2018 | Author(s): Yuna Yang, Sungju Nam, Won-Yong Lee, Microchemical Journal, 2018

Publication date: November 2018 Source:Microchemical Journal, Volume 142 Author(s): Yuna Yang, Sungju Nam, Won-Yong Lee A highly sensitive tris(2,2′-bipyridyl)ruthenium(II) [Ru(bpy)3 2+] electrogenerated chemiluminescence (ECL) biosensor for the detection of ethanol based on ADH and ...


Molecules, Vol. 23, Pages 1515: Applications of Ruthenium Complexes Covalently Linked to Nucleic Acid Derivatives

22.06.2018 | Flamme, Marie ; Clarke, Emma ; Gasser, Gilles ; Hollenstein, Marcel, Molecules, 2018

Molecules, Vol. 23, Pages 1515: Applications of Ruthenium Complexes Covalently Linked to Nucleic Acid Derivatives Molecules doi: 10.3390/molecules23071515 Authors: Marie Flamme Emma Clarke Gilles Gasser Marcel Hollenstein Oligonucleotides are biopolymers that can be easily ...


An air and moisture tolerant iminotrihydroquinoline-ruthenium(II) catalyst for the transfer hydrogenation of ketones

20.06.2018 | Jiaoyan Li; Yingmiao Ma; Zheng Wang; Qingbin Liu; Gregory A. Solan; Yanping Ma; Wen-Hua Sun, Dalton Transactions, 2018

Reaction of 8-amino-5,6,7,8-tetrahydroquinoline with RuCl2(PPh3)3 at room temperature affords the ruthenium(ii) chelate (8-NH2-C9H10N)RuCl2(PPh3)2 (E), in which the two triphenylphosphine ligands are disposed mutually cis. By contrast, when the reaction is performed at reflux ligand ...


Access to small molecule semiconductors via C–H activation for photovoltaic applications

20.06.2018 | Sanchari Shome; Surya Prakhash Singh, Chemical Communication, 2018

The first methodology of ruthenium carboxylate-catalysed single step oxidative cross coupling that challenges the conventional Stille and Suzuki coupling reactions, affording BT and MFBT derivatives in the absence of protecting groups, was developed. Both mono and bi-arylated derivatives are ...


Insight into the mechanism of decarbonylation of methanol by ruthenium complexes; a deuterium labelling study

20.06.2018 | Patrizia Lorusso; Graham R Eastham; David J. Cole-Hamilton, Dalton Transactions, 2018

In the reaction of [RuHClP3] (P = PPh3) with NaOMe in methanol, the product is [RuH2(CO)P3]. Short reaction times show that the final product is formed through [RuH4P3] as the major intermediate. Using NaOCD3 in CD3OD, the first formed product is [RuH4P'3] (P' is PPh3 partially deuterated in the ...


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