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An efficient iodine pentoxide-triggered iodocarbocyclizations for the synthesis of iodooxindoles in water

03.07.2018 | Ming-Zhong Zhang; Xin Wang; Ming-Ying Gong; Lin Chen; Wenbin Shi; Shu-Hua He; Yong Jiang; Tieqiao Chen, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2018

An efficient iodocarbocyclization of alkenes for the synthesis of iodooxindoles has been developed. This reaction proceeds in a chemoselective manner and shows excellent tolerance of various functional groups, including a chemosensitive hydroxymethyl group. Nonmetal inorganic iodine pentoxide was ...


Novel magnetite nanorods decorated Si-Schiff base complex for efficient immobilization of U(VI) and Pb(II) from water solutions

03.07.2018 | Xiangke Wang; Ayub Khan; JINLU XING; Ahmed Mourtada Elseman; Pengcheng Gu; Kashif Gul; Yuejie Ai; Riffat Jehan; Ahme ..., Dalton Transactions, 2018

A novel silicon Schiff base complex (Si-SBC) and magnetite nanorods decorated Si-SBC (M/SiO2-Si-SBC) were synthesized and well characterized in detail. The synthesized materials were applied for the removal of U(VI) and Pb(II) from water solutions under various experimental conditions. The ...


Direct water-based synthesis and characterization of new Zr/Hf-MOFs with dodecanuclear clusters as IBU

03.07.2018 | Steve Waitschat; Helge Reinsch; Merve Arpacioglu; Norbert Stock, CrystEngComm, 2018

Two new metal-organic framework compounds of composition [M12(μ3-O)8(μ3-OH)8(μ-OH)6(OH)6(H2O)6(APDC)6], with M = Zr and Hf denoted as M-CAU-39, containing the azopyridinedicarboxylate ion (APDC2-) as a new linker, were obtained by a water based synthesis. The crystal structure was determined from ...


On the Degradation Pathway of Glyphosate and Glycine

03.07.2018 | Anderson José Lopes Catão; Alejandro López-Castillo, Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 2018

The degradation in water of the most widespread herbicide, glyphosate, is still under debate. Experimental disagreements on this process exist and there are only a few theoretical studies to support any conclusions. Moreover, the relationship between glyphosate and glycine is underestimated. ...


A thermoresponsive dynamic polymer brush fabricated by the segregation of amphiphilic diblock copolymers

03.07.2018 | Hirokazu Tanoue; Kazuma Inoue; Norifumi L. Yamada; Kohzo Ito; Syo Miyao; Takashi Ishizone; Hideaki Yokoyama, Soft Matter, 2018

A highly dense polymer brush was previously fabricated by the spontaneous segregation of amphiphilic diblock copolymers in an elastomer matrix into water and a hydrophobic polymer interface and named a ‘dynamic polymer brush’. We fabricated a lower critical solution temperature (LCST)-type ...


On Mechanisms for Mesocrystal Formation: Magnesium Ions and Water Environments Regulate Crystallization of Amorphous Minerals

03.07.2018 | Yu-Chieh Huang; Maxim Gindele; Jennifer Knaus; Ashit Rao; Denis Gebauer, CrystEngComm, 2018

Nature produces hierarchical, functional materials by shaping amorphous mineral precursors under physiological conditions. Although biominerals inspire the architectures of synthetic counterparts, the biogenic phase transformations yielding precise crystalline forms, polymorphs and structures are ...


Small molecule activation with divalent samarium triflate: a synergistic effort to cleave O2

03.07.2018 | Mathieu Xémard; Marie Cordier; Elisa Louyriac; Laurent Maron; Carine Clavaguéra; Grégory Nocton, Dalton Transactions, 2018

The divalent samarium triflate salt does not react with CO2 or water, but does react with traces of O2 or N2O to form a tetrameric bis-oxo samarium motif. The reaction with O2 is a 4e− reductive cleavage where the electrons are coming from four different samarium centers. This highlights a rare ...


Emerging Investigator Series: Sunlight Photolysis of 2,4-D Herbicides in Systems Simulating Leaf Surfaces

03.07.2018 | Lei Su; John D. Sivey; Ning Dai, Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 2018

Pesticides are commonly applied on foliage, forming dry deposits on the leaf cuticular wax. However, their photochemical transformation in this lipophilic environment is much less understood compared with that in surface water. In this work, sunlight photolysis of six chlorinated phenoxyacetic ...


Viscous field-aligned water exhibits cubic-ice-like structural motifs

03.07.2018 | Juhan Matthias Kahk; Beng Hau Tan; Claus-Dieter Ohl; Duane Loh, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

Strong electric fields are known to greatly accelerate the freezing of water in molecular dynamics simulations, and have also been shown to affect the thermodynamics of the phase transition. In this work, a mechanistic explanation for field-induced crystallization of water is presented. Due to ...


Selective radiolabelling with 68Ga under mild conditions: a route towards a porphyrin PET/PDT theranostic agent

03.07.2018 | Steven Y. Yap; Thomas W. Price; Huguette Savoie; Ross W. Boyle; Graeme J. Stasiuk, Chemical Communication, 2018

A theranostic conjugate for use as a positron emission tomography (PET) radiotracer and as a photosensitiser for photodynamic therapy (PDT) has been synthesised. A water-soluble porphyrin was coupled with the bifunctional chelate, This conjugate is capable of rapid 68Ga complexation ...


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