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The Chemistry of Vehicle Emissions Reduction & The Volkswagen Scandal

Volkswagen have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The company admitted to installing a ‘defeat device’ in millions of cars which made it appear in emissions tests that they emitted far lower levels of particular pollutants than they actually did in normal road conditions. Plenty o ... mehr

Nitrogen-Containing Atmospheric Pollutants

Sources and reactions of atmospheric organic molecules containing nitrogen. mehr

Turning Carbon Dioxide into Useful Plastics

The graphic takes a look at the research of Econic Technologies, a company which uses catalysts to incorporate captured waste carbon dioxide into polymers, which can themselves be incorporated into useful plastics. mehr

Chemistry Techniques

Anyone who’s studied chemistry will be overly familiar with titrations. It’s an analytical technique that can be used to find the concentration of a solution (the amount of a solute dissolved in it). I put this graphic together primarily to remind my A level students of some of the key aspe ... mehr

The Chemistry of Vodka

You could be forgiven for thinking there’s not a great deal that’s interesting about the chemistry of vodka. After all, isn’t it essentially just a mix of two compounds, ethanol and water? Though this is pretty much the case, there’s more to vodka than you might expect. Here we take a look ... mehr

Periodic table of oxidations states

Die Oxidationsstufen der Elemente hängen stark mit ihrer Stellung im Periodensystem zusammen. Hauptgruppenelemente haben in der Regel eine geringere Anzahl von Oxidationsstufen. Bei Nebengruppenelementen kann die Zahl der Oxidationsstufen sehr hoch sein. mehr

How Nuclear Reactors Work

In terms of types of reactor, there are two main variations on the above theme for western reactors. The variations are related to the water that’s heated to produce the steam that drives the turbine. In boiling water reactors (BWR), the source of the steam that drives the turbine is water ... mehr

The Chemistry of the Odour of Decomposition

It’s worth taking a look at the decomposition process as a whole. Decomposition can be roughly divided into four stages: the fresh stage, the bloated stage, the active decay stage and the advanced decay stage. Some overviews of the process also add in a final stage, when all that is left of ... mehr

The Key Chemicals in Red Wine

Red wine has been espoused over the years for its supposed health benefits, from claims that it could let us live to 150, to assertions that chemicals within it can help prevent cancer. Whilst these are no doubt a very pleasant means to justify a glass of wine (or several), how correct are ... mehr

Guarding Against Toothache & Premature Ejaculation

Cloves are a spice that you may well have stowed away somewhere in the kitchen; originally from the Maluku Islands in Indonesia, the spice itself comes from the flower buds of the clove tree. It is used to flavour food, imparting a sweet, aromatic flavour, and also one of the common spices ... mehr

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