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What Makes Popcorn Pop?

There haven’t been a great number of studies on the chemicals that make up the aroma and flavour of popcorn. The first of these, way back in 1970, identified a range of compounds, and made some general suggestions as to which ones were important for flavour. Compounds called pyrazines contr ... mehr

The Periodic Table of Oxidation States

This last one shows the various known oxidation states for the different elements in the periodic table. It’s probably of more use to the chemists out there than for general interest; still, if you are curious as to what it depicts, there’s more detail in the original post. mehr

The Periodic Table of Endangered Elements

Not all of the elements in the periodic table are plentiful. While we will not ever truly run out of an element, some are considered endangered in the sense that in the future they may be too spread out and costly to extract. This table, made in collaboration with the American Chemical Soci ... mehr

The Periodic Table of Rejected Element Names

For elements discovered more recently, a catalogue of names have been seriously and not-so-seriously suggested before the official names were confirmed. Past elements, too, have been subject to naming variations, be it due to simultaneous discoveries, language differences, or scientific squ ... mehr

The Periodic Table of Element Name Origins

The origins of the elements’ names are varied both in terms of language and in terms of what they were named after. This table, created in collaboration with Prof. Mark Lorch from the University of Hull, tries to pin down where those names come from. There’s also an accompanying explanatory ... mehr

The Periodic Table of Data

Here’s a periodic table that’s crammed with data. It includes the melting point, boiling point, density, electronegativity, radius, and first ionisation energy of each element in the table. It’s also colour-coded to show how these properties vary from element to element. mehr

The Complete Periodic Table of Elements

The periodic table has actually only just been ‘completed’ in the past year. Four new elements had their discoveries and names confirmed in 2016, and replaced the last few placeholder positions in the table. I say ‘completed’ because scientists are still trying to create elements beyond ele ... mehr

A Brief Guide to Atmospheric Pollutants

Back in school, you’ll have learned that the air in our atmosphere is composed primarily of nitrogen, at 78%, and oxygen, at 21%, with a number of other trace gases. It’s to these trace gases we’re looking today – more specifically, at how human activity can result in the release of air pol ... mehr

The Chemistry of Vehicle Emissions Reduction & The Volkswagen Scandal

Volkswagen have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The company admitted to installing a ‘defeat device’ in millions of cars which made it appear in emissions tests that they emitted far lower levels of particular pollutants than they actually did in normal road conditions. Plenty o ... mehr

Nitrogen-Containing Atmospheric Pollutants

Sources and reactions of atmospheric organic molecules containing nitrogen. mehr

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