Über Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences has a number of food ingredient companies including:Kohjin Life Sciences Co., Ltd which produces a complete range of premium Yeast Extracts such as Aromild;, Ajirex; and Ajitop; based on Torula Yeast which focus on Umami & Koku savoury applications.Kirin Kyowa Foods Ltd which produces a range of flavour enhancers such as Ribotide and offers both products and advanced technologies to deliver enhanced customer value in savoury flavour applications.Mitsubishi Shoji Foodtech Co., Ltd which is a world leader in Crystalline Maltitol production under the Lesys; brand as well as Carageenan and other food ingredients.

Fakten zu Mitsubishi
  • Schwerpunkt : Händler
  • Branche : Chemie

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